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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Zanita Zanita

As the blogoshere is relatively new ground for me I thought I would ask around for some advice on how to succeed in cyber world. What is not new is my appreciation for a beautiful face. Couple it with a strong, independent and intelligent mind and I,m gone. Hence why I married my wife Michelle.

I have noticed this wining combination in a fellow blogger, a fashion blogger, Zanita Whittington, author of zanitazanita. Zanita happens to be one of those impressive souls who are blessed in more ways than one. Not only does she have a cool name, Zanita is a model and photographer as well as a successful blogger. So it was to she that I went for help.

Being a very beautiful women, I wanted to know about her make up must haves, but I instead focused on the subject at hand, blogging. Make up will wait for another time.

'So Zanita, how long have you been blogging?' 'I've had my blog for two years now.' 'What is your inspiration?' 'I find fashion exciting. It's always changing and evolving, You gotta stay in touch to remain relevant.' I know what she means. It's the same with make up. Each time a do a new course or masterclass there is a new trick, a reinvention of an old one or a rule to break in some inventive new way.

Model, Photographer and Blogger! Which brings you the most joy and satisfaction? That's a tough one! They are definitely all connected and I couldn't be successful in one without the other. I've been a model first and its been such an incredible ride and I've learnt so much from it but now photography is the thing that I'm most passionate about. That being said working as a model with an amazing photographer is such a buzz and can't really compare to being behind the lens. Its so different.

Does the aforementioned trinity feed itself in some kind of perfect circular way, gaining contacts and work from one pursuit and passing it on to another? Absolutely, I feel so lucky that my foray into photography has been so a smooth transition. It's essential to be known within the industry.

As a blogger what would you say has been your single best evidence of recognition from your followers? The comments I receive from my followers are the only recognition I need to motivate me to continue to blog and provide original content. Its the reason I do it and I'm so grateful.How many followers do you currently have? I really have no idea, a few thousand subscribers but possible more that check my blog irregularly.Can you please give me some advice as to how to best expose my own blog and increase the followers? Post regular and original content, network with other bloggers and give your blog an appealing layout. Having a look through my blog is there any advice you could give me? Probably just to develop your layout, readers respond more to imagery so include more pictures around. Observe some of your favourite blogs and websites and go from there.

So it's time to do as Zanita says and give you more pictures. For 2011 I am going to focus on getting gorgeous girls in amazing make up and taking great shots for my blog. Maybe Zanita will oblige as both photographer and model, on separate occasions. We'll see.

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