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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rock N Roll Rae

OK, so can life get any better? My recent adventure assisting Rae Morris is still putting a smile on my face. To spend time behind the scenes with a Make Up Artist of Rae's calibre is inspiring to say the least. For me it was life afirming. I know that working with make up is what I really want to do. Watching Rae not only put make up but also a huge smile on the faces of women is a wonderful thing. It is not only Rae's amazing and seemingly effortless work that has me and all others in the studio smiling it is Rae herself. Watching a person working with the likes of Jason Capobianco whilst her agent shows her a newly released o/s edition of vogue featuring her work and discusses her plans for a book signing in the city on the weekend, as celebrities walk through the door and hug her with warm familiarity and channel seven are on the phone to go over her appearance on the Morning Show is enough to overwhelm anyones senses, however Rae does it all with a mixture of precision, grace and most impressively sincere modesty. Being an observer of Rae's work, for a long time I have known she rocks, now having spent time with her I love the way she rolls as well.

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