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Monday, August 9, 2010

Mag Watch

Is anyone else out there as scared as I am of Amy Winehouse's eye makeup? I'd love to understand the genesis of that look for her. I know soul singers have long been into long lashes and lashings of kohl pencil. Amy just takes it to another level.

Those of us that are a little more fashion conscious than Amy have interpreted it another way still. As with most things that hit the stage the filter that they pass through on their way to the street has refined this cats eye on steroids back to it's pretty past.

A recent shot of Kate Hudson featuring a little cats eye tweak made her leap off the page and me purr. This weeks grazia features a shoot entitled The Big Spring Reveal.

It features model Louise van de Vorst wearing alot of muted pastels and coupled with this she has a suitably subtle cats eye in white. The MUA is the fantastic Max May.

I work with a gorgeous greek girl who wears white eyeliner. On her olive skin, beneath her black hair it looks quite dramatic. In Grazia, Max has masterfully allowed Louise's eye make up to find a definition against her light skin and blonde hair that will have any girl purrring. Check it out

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