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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Girls I Like

I have embraced the new trend of saving up all the episodes of a series and watching them back to back. TV in your time is so much better than having to watch when it's aired and then suffering the ads, although sometimes they are the highlight as we all know.

I have found that I have been watching some series that I wouldn't have normally, just because there aren't any movies I want at Blockbuster but their TV section beckons.

So what has this got to do with Make Up. in a nutshell, or maybe bombshell, Yvonne Strahovski. This star of TV series Chuck, is refreshingly pretty and a great female role model in so far as she can really handle her s@#t!

Yvonne plays CIA Agent Sara Walker. She always looks great no matter whether fighting or flirting. More specifically for me though I have become mesmerised by her mouth. As a Make Up madman I always look at lips. I automatically study the lip colour, texture shape and size. What I like about Yvonne/Sara, is her un LA like imperfection. Yvonne has a quirky feature with her front teeth that cause her lips to remain ever so slightly apart in the middle. It is very endearng, I hope she doesn't get any corrective work done. The role demands that her lips are a subtle nude, with a modicum of shimmer. Not usually attention grabbing, but on Yvonne, hell yeah.

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