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Monday, December 20, 2010

Live the life you love

Amber Renae was put on this earth to style, so that is why she does exactly that as her chosen career. Sounds simple doesn't it? Well like most things the back story is a little more complicated. Even though Amber knew what she wanted to do from an early age, and made it clear to those around her that it was her destiny, it didn't stop some obstacles threatening to ensure that Amber's dream remained elusive. That is one reason I admire and respect this amazing women and just had to talk with her. Despite my knowing what I have always wanted to do I have twisted and turned along that journey so often that the desired end has rarely been in sight. I can learn a lot from Amber, we all can, and I'm not just talking about what to wear. Amber is a Civil Engineer by trade. It is a trade that runs in the family and one which mum felt comfortable knowing her daughter could secure a living with. However despite gaining these qualifications and working as an engineer for Leighton Contractors, fashion called and Amber wasn't hiding.

First stop, retail, but not just shop girl. Amber ran a chain of fashion stores in Brisbane for six years, gaining a local profile as the go to girl for fashion questions. This profile jumped to a national level when Amber appeared with more than a little success, on Project Runway Australia. Design remains one of Amber's first loves, however other projects are keeping her very busy at the moment. Amber presents at live events such as Fashion Pallet and is flying around the place styling people whose trust she has gained with her obvious depth of knowledge and of course style. However it is a role as presenter/interviewer on FTV that most recently caught my attention. It is a role which Amber finds very rewarding. The entire process from research to microphone. Amber's inquisitive nature helps a lot. Speaking with Designers about their creative process is more a love than a job. "Getting to talk to the guys from Manning Cartel" is always great. I really love the story they have to tell" Amber told me with unchecked enthusiasm. I am very jealous. I know what she means. Not just because I too long to do a 'job' that I love but because getting to interview someone like Amber is in itself rewarding and inspiring. Which brings me to why I am here, literally and otherwise, Make Up.

Is Amber a Make Up Maven or does she not care about coverage? "I am definitely a can't live without it girl." Great me thinks. Respect to those more prepared to bare out there but this revelation just makes me like Amber even more. I asked Amber what she feels her best feature is. Now I know what I think the answer should be, but just how aware is Amber of those killer green eyes of hers? "I would have to say my big eyes." That answers that question. How does Amber know what products and looks suit you best? What/who has been her teacher? "I have learned a lot from having my make up done. I really take note of what the artist is using and ask questions." Finally, Lipstick or Gloss?!! "I like lips shiny, so definitely gloss. However I rarely style someone with gloss, so I appreciate both." Amber I appreciate your time. I hope that next time we talk you won't be at the end of a telephone but instead the end of a make up brush.

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