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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rae Morris

I promised when I commenced this blog that I would pursue my Make Up dream by calling on those who have achieved their dreams and currently operate at the highest levels of the industry. That meant an interview with Rae Morris. I’ve kept my promise, here it is.

I was fortunate enough to land an interview with Rae just before she went on stage to intro her new book Express Make Up. What I wanted to find out from Rae is if there is an Express Make UP Career path.

If you’ve ever had butterflies the size of jumbo jets circling in your stomach you’ll know how I felt heading to this interview. Getting to sit with your idol for thirty minutes may sound wonderful, but knowing you need to supply intelligent conversation and relevant questions that hold their attention for that time is extremely daunting. I’m not unfamiliar with undertaking activities that have me questioning my sanity. This felt a little like skydiving, not tandem, but in an interview there are no parachutes.

So it was in this state of anxiety that I walked up to Rae Morris and her Agent Lisa on Sunday to introduce myself. As soon as Rae greeted me the feeling of free fall subsided. Rae’s immediate and sincere warmth cushioned my landing. Rae is the consummate professional, no uber style bitch here I’m glad to say.

I wanted to know how Rae has risen to the status she has. Did she have to do seemingly endless free work to try to build a portfolio? “I did that for probably a year and a half.’ Assured Rae, which is comforting for us mere mortals, but she continued, “But there’s free work, like the Miss Wednesday competition at the pub and there’s assisting at Fashion Week.” My ears really pricked up at this comment. I’ve done my fair share of Miss Wednesday comps, all the while wistfully fantasising about being back stage at fashion week. So how do you get a gig assisting at a top catwalk show, please Rae tell me do!

I’ll share Rae’s insights in my next post.

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