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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rae Morris part 2

Wanting to know more about getting a toe behind the curtain at Fashion Week I pressed Rae for more information. ‘A lot of MUA’s take on assistants for Fashion Week’. ‘I remember when I first worked at Fashion Week as an unknown. It was one of those “What am I doing here” moments.’ ‘I remember girls flocking to certain artists wanting them to do their make up’

I’ve had that sort of experience myself, and not even in the rarefied atmosphere of FW, so I am buoyed by the fact that one of my idols has been there and done that too.

As for getting to assist at FW, or at any top gig, Rae’s advice is that ‘you just have to really want it.’ ‘There are a lot of girls (and guys Rae, don’t forget me) who think they want to be a top Make Up Artist but they just don’t have the hunger they need to stick out the tough times.’ ‘They need to make things, like assisting at FW happen.’

So what Rae is saying is that although we can all get a look in at great assisting opportunities, only those who are prepared to go the extra distance will get them, keep them and grow from them. It was about now that I had to sit on my hand to stop it flying into the air with a cry of pick me, pick me. That would have to wait. I had to continue behaving professionally and get on with the interview. After all, others were beginning to circle. They needed Rae to face her fans.

So how long does one need to spend as an assistant? ‘I think one year is enough, by then you should be able to step out on your own’ assured Rae. ‘I really judge it on when I feel my assistant is too good for me to expect them to work for free.’ ‘At first they will be getting coffee and cleaning brushes, just like I had to.’ ‘Then I will allow them to do lips or brows etc until they master it.’

I also wanted to know if working in retail cosmetics is the way to go. I did it very briefly for Giorgio Armani, but the GFC took care of that job. ‘Not at all.' ‘I didn’t go that route and a lot of girls who do become complacent and stay there.’ confided Rae. ‘What is valuable about it though is the number and variety of faces you get to work on, that is important.’

So basically I am on the right track, but I need to put the accelerator down and take a huge leap, so…..Rae, is there any chance I could assist you some time soon? …………….’Definitely Ray!’

How psyched am I?!!

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