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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hot Summer Lips

Type 'Spring Summer Lips' into Google and the results are inspiring. Colour abounds. However it is not just cyber space that is all bright red, orange and pink this season. Girls everywhere have embraced the refreshing trend and it looks great. Yes the pendulum has swung. Lips are back in style and the perfect pout is all about stunning statements in lipstick. Let's face it Lipgloss had a great run. The ranges, both colour and type, have grown over the years and what sexy years they were. Yet I couldn't help but mourn the loss of perfect pouts as a generation of women emerged for whom lipstick was seen as either old school or simply too much trouble. Well ladies don't get left behind because I can tell you if you want to impress you'd bette let your lips do the talking!

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