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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

M.A.C.simum Impact

I receive emails from M.A.C. often, sometimes several per week, no surprise there, I did subscribe to them. Yet M.A.C. do always seem to have a little surprise in store in the form of a great graphic, a cool tip, a good deal or a crazy concept. The hello kitty range fell into the later for me. Even though I didn't rush out to buy any, I draw my girliness line at Make Up, Hello Kitty's way too far, I appreciated the pairing. Yesterday I received notification of their latest master stroke, Disney Villains. M.A.C. have always stood out from other houses with their cutting edge MUA vibe, not to mention their often confrontingly, in a great way, tattooed counter staff. So alighning themselves with some of animations cunningest bitches works for me. Check out their new window graphics on DJ's Castlereagh Street window.

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