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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mag Watch

So why do I love the Maybelline ad, from my last post, so much? Apart from the fact that it features an all time fave, in Ms Turlington, it's the Red Lips that appeal. Having grown up with 80's red lipped icons like Human League and Jerry Hall, I got hooked young.

So after having endured what can only be described as a lipstick drought over the last decade, it is so cool to see a return to deep colour. Just this morning on the Bus to work a gorgeous young girl, very early twenties, got on wearing a deep blood red lip. It was a surprise, a very refreshing one. The trend is hitting the streets.

maybe I should be thanking Grazia. Their latest edition features a pictorial titled, A Vintage Season Page 62. Needless to say Red Lips abound. I'm flipping through it as I write this, and the sun has made a rare appearance through the window. The future is looking bright.

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